I’m feeling really good lately. How do I make sure I keep up this momentum?

Girl YASSS. If you're on a fitness high right now, it's a great time to evaluate what's really working for you.

Note down what time you've been working out at and how this feels in comparison to working out at other times. Track what you've been eating leading up to your workouts and throughout your day, and how that has affected your mood and workout intensity. Think about how consistent you've been with hitting your targets. Think about what has happened in your life recently that might have contributed to this glorious momentum! Share your wins in our Facebook and Instagram communities to get support from your #TFNTEAM to really keep flying! And don't forget to make note of how straying from your current routine makes you feel.

When you figure out what works best for your body, you can be more mindful of what you're doing and make sure it aligns with your best self.

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