How do I find the motivation to get up early and hit the gym? This is the only time that works for me.

Changing up your routine works best if you do it in chunks. This program is about making changes that you can stick to, and completely switching your routine in one try doesn't usually last.

You don't have to make this change overnight - make a commitment to wake up 5-15 minutes earlier each day (and likewise, go to bed 5-15 minutes earlier the night before). If you gradually train your body to wake up earlier, you'll get used to this and will be more successful at making this a lifestyle change.

Don't worry if you experience some setbacks and fall off course sometimes. Keep trying to adjust your sleep cycle to suit your new workout time and you'll get there! Use preworkout or coffee to help you in the beginning if you feel comfortable with these aids.

Remember - the early bird gets the worm, and the early riser usually gets an empty(ish) gym. Nothing better than not having to wait for others to finish with your equipment!

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