I purchased the bundle, but can't access anything beyond Phase 1. For example, Phase 2 content says "available in 5 days", and Phase 3 says "available in 35 days". Why is that?

Each phase is set to release on a 28-day cycle, with the exception of Phases 1 and 5 that last 30 days. Our system will open access to the next course in our curriculum so you'll be able to see Phase 2 (or Phase 6) in that time.

We've added this pacing after receiving feedback from hundreds of members who felt overwhelmed by the amount of content they received upon signing up. Our new curriculum has been designed to provide you with monthly goals to work towards that will prepare you for the next month's lessons before jumping in too soon. We know you're eager, but focus on perfecting those Phase 1 (or Phase 5) habits now so that the next phase is a breeze!

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