How is this program personalized for me?

In the first month of the program, you'll take an intake quiz that directs you to one of our three nutrition plans based on your current habits and fitness goals: Lean Building, Lean Sculpting, or Momentum Fat Loss.

In Phase 2, we'll take that plan and help you calculate calorie and macro targets personalized to YOU using Abby's recently upgraded formulas -- Phase 1 is all about creating new habits and settling in to your new, healthier lifestyle! This calculation is based on your current body stats - height and weight - and which of our three programs you're in. You'll receive your personalized set of targets which factor in an appropriate calorie deficit (or surplus if you're building) so that you'll make be making progress in no time!

Abby has designed our workouts to suit all of our members, but you'll still be able to choose between our Basic Training Plan, At-Home Training Plan, or Gym Training Plan depending on your experience and what facilities you have access to.

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