I don't use Facebook or Instagram. Will I still be able to participate in this program?

The TransformNation program does not require a social media presence, but a Facebook account is useful to get full access to what's offered in our program.

We use Facebook to stay accountable, connect with other women in the program, ask questions, get form advice, share personal victories, and so much more! Abby also hosts weekly live streams via Facebook that are only accessable via Facebook. Outside of this, Abby hosts bonus challenges on Instagram from time to time, but these are completely optional and not member-specific.

With that said, you can still be successful without using Facebook. Rather than submitting your check ins and progress reports to our Facebook group, you are welcome to submit them to us via email where we'll be able to forward them to Abby for review. We can also offer additional accountability tools and systems via email.

Several of our members have created dummy Facebook accounts to access our community content only. 

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