What's included with the #TFNTEAM program?

When you join the #TFNTEAM, you receive access to Abby's online courses and our private Facebook community. 

Upon subscribing, you’ll receive access to our Phase 1 course, designed to help you start creating healthy nutrition habits and a consistent gym routine. We help set you up for success by introducing all of our available resources and giving you the month to become accustomed to the new habits and routines we strive for. If you continue to Phase 2, we move on to personalized nutrition targets, and continue introducing new goals and lessons to keep you accountable to these goals each month.

Our Facebook community is an invaluable accountability tool - we highly recommend you utilize this part of the program by creating a Facebook account if you do not have one. Here, you have access to a community of women on the same journey as you and are encouraged to use this community to ask questions, share personal victories, check your nutrition targets, and get an internet hug when you need one. Abby also hosts regular livestreams to her members via Facebook. Here, she’ll discuss any current challenges, fill you in on upcoming projects, and answer any questions you might have.

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