Why are there no recipes or meal plans in Phase 5 (the advanced bundle)?

The Recipe Guide is part of our Phase 1-4 programming. We expect that those coming into our advanced program have already mastered macro tracking and meal prep, or at least be comfortable navigating those steps on their own. Starting in Phase 4, our members begin working on adjusting recipes and ingredients so that their calorie and macro breakdowns fit their daily nutrition targets, and this is continued into Phase 5-8. It's an important part of the journey to be able to take your own recipes and meals and adjust them accordingly!
If you'd like access to our recipes, you can buy Phase 1 individually for $27 here. Phase 1 includes our recipe guide and recommended meal plan for our beginners. https://sso.teachable.com/secure/134371/checkout/583795/phase-1

If you're uninterested in that option you can find recipe inspiration from sources like Bodybuilding.com, Pinterest, or other cooking blogs online. There's tons of great ideas out there, and all you have to do is track the ingredients in an app like MyFitnessPal or LifeSum and stick within your calculated targets! The Facebook community is another awesome resource for recipe inspiration since the ladies post lots of their personal recipe ideas in there :)

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