How do I know if I'm ready to progress to the Advanced program?

You'll know if you're ready for the Advanced Program if you:

  • completed our Beginner Phase 1-4 Program and are confident with the habits you've formed
  • have been with the TFN TEAM for longer than four months and are ready for a new challenge that pushes you further
  • know how to plan your meals based off nutrient guidelines
  • are confident with calorie and macro tracking
  • know how to navigate the gym and perform the basic compound lifts (e.g. squat, deadlift, hip thrust)
  • have access to basic gym equipment including: barbell, dumbbells, resistance bands, and a bench


We’re more than happy to assist you in figuring out if the Advanced Program is right for you! Please send an email to telling us a little about your experience and we’ll make our best recommendations. 

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