What’s the difference between the Beginner (P1-P4) and Advanced (P5-P8) programs?

Welcome to the #TFNTEAM! We’re so excited that you’re considering joining the fam.

We’ve got two AMAZING programs available, but before you dive in to make sure you check out what’s included in each so you know you’re starting in the right place!


Our Beginner Program is designed to help you start creating healthy nutrition habits and a consistent training routine. You'll learn what to eat, how to reach your daily calorie and macro targets, what foods give you the most bang for your buck, and how to train most efficiently for your goals to create that hourglass shape.

Our comprehensive Recipe Guide gives all kinds of direction around our meal plan, like how to grocery shop and meal prep, how to tweak recipes to align with your daily nutrition targets, and how to swap out ingredients or recipes due to preferences, allergies, or religion. Vegan? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered as well!

You’ll get new gym workouts as well as bodyweight-only at-home workouts with each Phase, PLUS a bonus Basic Training Program in Phase 1 that walks you through the fundamental form cues for our most-used exercises. All our Beginner Training guides are Full Body.

We also make sure you’re staying on track with your goals with daily checklists to help hold you accountable.


Our Advanced Program will put less of a focus on daily checklists and more of a focus on education. If you like how in-depth Abby's YouTube videos are, you'll LOVE our Advanced curriculum! We break down every element of our training and nutrition programs, explaining the science behind them as well as the programming decisions Abby has made to make this as effective as possible. We’re all about diving into the “why” here.

With nutrition, we continue moving towards complete food freedom, perfecting the techniques that keep us on track with our daily nutrition targets. Think less tedious tracking and more intuitive (but still healthy!) eating. After all, by now you should know how to eat healthily and can take any recipe and tweak it to suit your nutritional needs 😉

We kick up your training by moving into Body Part Splits and adding some killer Finisher Circuits to your routines. There are NO bodyweight-only at-home workouts in the Advanced program. Any at-home members who’ve been with us this long are ready to make the leap to the gym, or should at least consider making a small investment in some home equipment to continue increasing training volume and applying progressive overload (e.g. barbell, dumbbells, bench, bands). #TEAMNOPLATEAUS

If you’ve completed our Beginner Program or are an experienced lifter with macro tracking skills, can confidently attest to your training and nutrition consistency, and are ready to challenge yourself even further, the Advanced Program is for you!


We’re more than happy to assist you in figuring out what plan is best for you! Please shoot an email to support@transformnation.tv telling us a little about your specific situation and we’ll make our best recommendations. 

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