I have a lot of anxiety (or feel "gymtimidation") about going to the gym. How can I work on this and build confidence in the gym?

You're not alone! One of the best ways to combat gymtimidation is to start with our Base or At-Home Training Plans. Once you've developed some confidence with exercise form and build up a little bit of strength, it's easier to walk into the gym and own it.

In the meantime, focus on your form, study our gym exercise demo videos, and see if your local gym has a trial membership. Bring a friend along to help keep your confidence high and focus on point. Ask one of the personal trainers or gym staff to show you around and guide you to the machines you'll use most often, then jump right in when you're ready! 

Remember that most gym-goers are there to better themselves and don't have time to spend judging others. Do you and own it, but ever be afraid to reach out to the gym staff for help.

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