How do I meal prep efficiently?

GREAT question. We've broken down our recipe guide so that you can choose to prep in one or two days based on your schedule. After you've prepped once or twice, you'll start to notice some patterns that make the prep process smoother, but in the meantime here are our suggestions: 

First, determine which kitchen appliances your recipes require (oven, stove, microwave, prep station, etc.). Then, take all the items from all the recipes you’re working with that require one appliance or area (oven, for example), and cook them together to maximize efficiency.

For example -

1-Preheat the oven.

2-Add any stove top items to start cooking (e.g. rice, steamed veggies, ground meats). Set a timer for the shortest cooking item, and when the timer goes off remove that from the stovetop. Check on the other items cooking while you’re at it!

3-Pre-wash, cut, and assemble anything going into the oven.

4-Put those items into the oven. Again, set a timer for the shortest cooking item. When the timer goes off you can remove that from the oven and check on the other items cooking.

5-Pre-wash and cut any fresh produce to be stored for later in the week.

6-Wait until all items are done cooking, then let them cool to room temperature before storing! (Hot foods ain’t got no patience for plastic containers when they’re still 🔥.)

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