What are the differences between each of the three goal-specific plans?

Our three plans target different body types with different goals.

Lean Building is ideal for individuals looking to gain a bit of weight as lean muscle. On this program, you'll be eating at a slight calorie surplus to support these goals.

Lean Sculpting targets that last 10-15 lbs of stubborn body fat and helps define your current shape.

Momentum Fat Loss helps members looking to lose 20+ lbs. 

On Lean Sculpting and Momentum Fat Loss, you'll be eating at a calorie deficit - one slightly more aggressive than the other.

With a unique, scientifically-backed equation for each program, we set you up with personalized daily calorie and macro targets for your particular goals using your height and weight to get your theoretical maintenance calories. From there, we apply a correction to these values if you follow a vegan diet or are above your healthy BMI range before calculating your surplus or deficit.

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