Why was I removed from the Facebook group? I thought members got lifetime access?

We invite all members who have purchased a complete 4-phase program from us to join our Facebook community with lifetime access.

*Please note that this invitation is conditional and under the understanding that you are abiding by our Community Rules & Guidelines while you are active in the group. We reserve the right, under our sole discretion, to remove any member who is breaking the rules or being a turd towards other members. 💩

If you were a member with us purchasing the courses phase-by-phase (that is, before January of 2018), you must have purchased a minimum of 4 courses to retain lifetime access to the Facebook community.

If you believe your account is still active or you were a member for over 4 months, we may have revoked access by mistake. Please reach out to support@transformnation.tv so that we can look into your account and add you back in as soon as possible. 

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